Welcome to Le Petite France!


Situated just outside Howick, in the KZN Midlands, is Preston Farm. Nestling in the rolling hills of the Karkloof, this beautiful farm – established in 1972 – is owned and run by Grant Warren and his family.

The La Petite France handmade cheese factory is built on the farm, and Grant is able to focus on milk quality and quantity. His philosophy is one of natural balance. Jersey and Swedish Red cattle dot the green pastures surrounding the dairy and factory. An abundance of rye grass enables the cows to produce rich, natural-tasting, top quality milk. Cows are natural grazers so they are given the freedom to graze the fields day and night, the whole year round. The cows are not pushed for production with grains, processed foods or hormones, and thus develop a high natural immunity and there is very little veterinary intervention, so allowing the cows to develop a high natural immunity which translates into milk with a good food value, digestibility and taste.

The French style cheeses are handmade and contain no chemicals or additives. The cultures used and the micro-permeable packaging (which allows the cheese to breathe) are imported from France.

Since La Petite France first came into fruition under the founder Hubert Berbizer, Preston farm has been the supplier of the creamy milk required to manufacture these mouth watering cheeses.

La Petite France handmade cheeses currently produce the following cheeses:

– CamembertLOGO - Copy

– Brie

– Tilsiter (cheddar)

– Blue Cheese

– Feta Cheese – variants include; plain, black pepper and sun-dried tomato and herb.